Attractive Closet Designs for Your Children’s Bedroom

When you have a kid in your home, you will have to be very particular about every aspect of your home design. The most crucial space is the kid’s room. You will have to very carefully design the wardrobe keeping your kid’s needs in mind. This will help to create a room that will make your kid feel more comfortable. One of the crucial elements that require extra attention to suit your kid’s needs is the closet. You will have to ensure that the closet design is appealing and functional. It will make organising the room easier for your kid and elevate the overall look. In case you are not sure about how to create the perfect wardrobe design for your kid’s bedroom, here are a few tips to help you: 

01 of 06 A portable closet

A portable closet is a great idea for your child’s bedroom decor. There are plenty of benefits to this type of closet. For instance, it is extremely easy to install. You can do it at home without anyone’s help. The overall process will only take a few minutes. However, it is always better to ask your kid to install the closet. It will give them the satisfaction of doing something productive on their own. Also, these closets are available in various styles, colors, and designs. You can choose any option your kid likes. Since they are quite light, moving them is easy when changing the layout of your kid’s room. Just make sure that the portable closet does not have any sharp edges that can injure your kid. 

02 of 06 Choose your kid’s favorite character

Children often get fascinated or inspired by a personality or cartoon character. You can make them really happy if you add that character or person to their bedroom. One of the best ways to introduce them is by putting them on the closet doors. Vinyl-printed closets are quite popular and can be found with various characters and persons printed on them. Look for an option that features your kid’s favourites. It will make him or her really happy. The best thing about them is that design can be changed by replacing the panels once your child grows older or bored.

03 of 06 Look for your kid’s favourite colours

Colour is a very crucial element of your child’s bedroom decor. You should very carefully choose the color of every item. The closet’s colour is very important because it is quite large, and will have an influence on the room’s look. There are lots of colours you can choose for your closet to create a fun and exciting childrens’s bedroom design. You can experiment with different combinations to create an appealing look. However, aesthetic beauty should not be your top priority. Since it is your child’s bedroom, you should choose colours that your kid loves. 

04 of 06 Install storage at eye level

A closet in a child’s bedroom is different from a closet in an adult’s bedroom. This is because the closet in a child’s bedroom is made keeping the child’s needs in mind. If you install a wardrobe design which is meant for adults, your kid may face difficulty using it. One of the biggest issues for your kid will be the height of the storage. The storage options in an adult’s wardrobe designs are installed much higher than the storage option in a kid’s wardrobe. Therefore, your kid will not be able to access the storage properly. Experts always suggest choosing wardrobe designs that offer storage at eye level. This will make accessing the contents stored in them really easy for your kid. Therefore, your kid will feel more comfortable using the room. 

05 of 06 Multi-purpose closet

The wardrobe design is meant for storing items. However, there are many modern wardrobe designs available that can perform more than one task. While wardrobes are primarily for storing, you can choose a wardrobe that comes with a study table. It is a space-efficient option that will help to make the space more functional. They are perfect for small bedrooms that cannot fit an additional study table. You can just open the table whenever required and keep it folded the rest of the time so that sufficient space is available in your kid’s room. Get inspired with other unique and functional interior design ideas in Singapore by visiting the Beautiful Homes blog.

06 of 06 Add pictures

You can give the wardrobe design a personal touch by adding pictures. You can add any picture to the door panels for this. They can be pictures from any vacation your family took or your kid’s portrait. This will give the child’s bedroom design a more personal look where one will feel comfortable. Among all the tricks mentioned above, this is far easier. For more innovative wardrobe designs for both adults and children alike, check out AC Vision.

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