What are the types of wooden partitions?

In compact houses where every inch counts, using the divider as storage is a clever approach to separate the space and make it functional. It is up to you whether to utilize it as a bar or a dining unit.

The wooden partition that matches the furnishings

The traditional wood and white combination of dining table chairs is extended to the wooden divider used to preserve the privacy of the dining table from a direct view of the entrance door. White boxes break up the monotony of wood and allow for more display and ornamentation.

Patterns jumbled on a wooden divider

Patterns that are predictable are tedious! The random patterns on the wooden panels are complemented with crystal ball drapes and two rustic-style lights hanging from above, giving the property an elite aspect.

Partition made of colored wood

The beauty of wood is that it may be painted or coated with colored lamination to blend in and become a part of the décor. The room’s white and red theme continues on the wooden barrier, which has lattice work on the upper portion and open shelves below to house décor pieces.

Traditional wooden divider

A contemporary wood partition wall to divide the living and dining rooms is formed by a classic style airy panel of durable wood in the color of natural wood.

Vertical garden atop a wooden divider

Vertical gardens are in high demand, particularly in urban residences with limited area for gardening. Take a cue from this and make your own vertical garden on the wood partition to add some life to the room.

Storage divider made of wood

The wooden storage area built-in steps with drawers and cabinets separates the hallway from the living room, providing extra storage space for the family. The intricate carving on the wooden wall adds to the elegance of the area, making it the main point.

Wooden partitions may be mixed and matched.

A solid wooden frame and massive wood panels support the patterns in the center to create a magnificent divider between the house’s living area, dining room, and kitchen.

Metal-stringed wooden partition

While separating the living room from the stairway, a wooden wall functioning as a TV unit with strings on both sides creates a contrasting combination. The wood dominates the area, yet the barrier shines out.

The wooden partition that is warm and airy

It may just be a symbolic divider, but it incorporates the warmth and beauty of wood while leaving flowing spaces in between to respect the openness and integrity of the integrated communal area.

Planter boxes on the wooden divider

The robust and tall hardwood planks break midway in white square boxes, creating room for plants. The green concept is an excellent method to divide the kitchen, rooms, and other areas, particularly in city houses.

As the wooden divider swings

Swing enthusiasts will undoubtedly like this novel approach to dividing the area. The living room is separated from the rest of the house by a wooden swing in the center. It’s a clever wall-less divider idea.

On a wooden divider, there is a honeycomb design. A robust wooden frame divider with honeycomb style lattice work offers fun energy into the small flat and blends into the area. It provides a divider and decorates the little area without making it appear too crowded.

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