Volunteering Opportunities At The Child Community Centre South Auckland

South Auckland is home to a large number of children and families from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It is an area of high social deprivation, with many families struggling to make ends meet. A child community centre can provide a much-needed space for children to play and learn, and for families to connect with other families in the community.

A well-run child community centre can have a positive impact on the lives of children and families in South Auckland. It can provide a safe space for children to play and learn, and give families the opportunity to connect with other families in the community. It can also provide vital services and support to families in need.

If you are interested in supporting the work of a child community centre in South Auckland, please get in touch.

Front of house:

Front-of-house volunteers provide customer service at our office, greeting people as they arrive or helping out with administrative tasks. They also assist with activities such as arts and crafts or story time sessions. This role involves working with children on occasion but it is not essential that you have any experience working with children before volunteering here. If you enjoy interacting with people then this could be the perfect role for you.

Activities for children:

Volunteer as an activity leader and provide support for children during playtimes and other activities. You will need to be confident in working with young children who may have varying levels of English language ability, as well as being able to maintain high standards of safety and hygiene during activities. It may also be possible to become an activity assistant or help out during holiday periods. Child community centres rely heavily on volunteers to run their activities; without them, they would not be able to provide much-needed services for families in South Auckland.


Events can range from organising visits from local celebrities or sportspeople to helping with fundraising activities such as cake stalls or raffles. You may also be asked to help with setting up tables or chairs for events or even helping out during the event itself by playing games with children or handing out prizes. Some events might require more than one volunteer so it is always best to check before you sign up for any specific events.


Volunteering at CCCSA provides an opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives while gaining valuable skills and experience that can be used within your own career or personal life. You can choose from any number of areas where your skills and interests may be useful – from administration, marketing and fundraising to support children with special needs.


volunteers can help maintain the garden area at the CCC by weeding, planting/pruning, mulching and watering as required. This can be done on a regular basis or just as required by you depending on your availability and preference. Volunteers will need to be physically fit as some lifting may be required depending on what activity is being carried out at the time of volunteering.

Data entry and administrative support:

If you have good organisational skills and enjoy working with numbers, you may want to offer your services as an office volunteer. This role involves entering data into spreadsheets and databases, filing paperwork, answering phones and photocopying documents. The hours vary depending on what is needed from week to week but could include evenings or weekends.


There are plenty of other ways that you can get involved. The opportunities to volunteer at a child community centre in South Auckland are nearly endless from childcare and tutoring to cooking classes and caring for the property. There’s something for everyone, and many people are needed to make it all happen. If you’re passionate about giving back to the community, or if you simply want to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families, consider volunteering your time at a child community centre.

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