What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Medical Spa Flat Iron

Are you going to use Medical Spa Flat Iron straightening for the first time? But do you know what would be suitable for your hair and what would be wrong? If not, then read the article. Hope, Tue experts of hh, will guide you in the right way.

Do: Use Heat Protectant Spray

The heat protecting spray goes well with hair styling tools such as hair straighteners. Without spraying heat protecting spray, you can end up with dull and damaged hair.  Heat protectant spray protects your hair from the hot tools you are using over your hair.

Don’t: Straighten Wet Hair

Don’t apply heat when your hair is wet. When people are in a rush, they straighten their damp hair. Straightening damp hair may lead to burning. In that case, when the water in damp hair goes beyond boiling point, it causes hair follicles to expand and damage it subsequently.

Do: Your Hair Be Cool Down

Once the Medical Spa Flat Iron is done, let your hair cool down completely. The fabulous coat seals the hair cuticle. This gives your hair a perfectly straight look.

Don’t: Straighten Your Hair Every Single Day

As the flat irons are easy and convenient to use, it can be tempting to use them every single day. However, it may show a bad impact at first. But in the long run, you will surely notice problems.

Straightening the hair every single day may make your hair dry and brittle that tends to get frizzy as well. In that case, try to hold the straight look of your hair.

Avoid washing hair for a few days if you live in a quiet rainy area. Make sure to carry an umbrella with you all the time.

Do: Section Your Hair

When using a flat iron, make sure to section your hair into several parts. If the section is too large and dense, the inside part doesn’t get heated up. In that case, it requires so many passes through the hair section. It may make the upper part of the hair section damaged. In that case, make certain areas all sections when using a flat iron.


There are many Dos and Don’ts for using a flat iron. With the proper use of flat iron, you will get super smooth, shiny, soft, and straight hair instead of flat, dull hair. If you need professional help from Medical Spa Flat Iron to flatten it on, then contact us.

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