Health: Your Body’s Currency

The human body is like a beautiful machine that has a complex system that simultaneously works alongside the many different parts of the body. The nuances of the human body are so many that its functioning is truly worth marvelling upon. Among the many systems of the body, there exists the endocrine system which is responsible for the release of hormones. An important hormone released by it is insulin which facilitates the growth and development of the body.

The functions of insulin are so many that our body requires them in many senses. Insulin-like growth factor 1 is commonly referred to as IGF-1, which is a hormone that is molecularly similar to insulin. It facilitates a child’s growth and on adults has many anabolic effects. This article will elaborate on the compound of IGF- 1/ LR3 and its uses for the human body.

Understanding IGF-1/LR3 :

  • IGF-1 comprises polypeptide long-chain amino acid hormones and is a synthetic protein.
  • IGF-1/LR3 has a similar size and structure when compared to insulin
  • It is a hormone that is released by the liver upon the stimulation of the HGH or human growth hormone.
  • It is a growth peptide that directly affects the muscles of the body as it causes the creation of new cells and fresh muscle fibers.
  • The functions of IGF-1/ LR3 include the synthesis of protein in the body as well as nitrogen retention by the cells.
  • As this compound facilitates growth in the body it is often prescribed externally for building muscles.
  • Bodybuilders may often consume prescribed quantities of this compound to improve their physique and to improve their potential while exercising.

Prescription of IGF-1

IGF-1 peptide is approved by the FDA which stands for Food and Drug Administration and can be legally prescribed to individuals under a few specific circumstances:

  • In case a child suffers from a hormone deficiency that stunts their height and growth
  • If an adult suffers from a growth deficiency.
  • If there is a long term failure in growth because of a paucity in exogenous GH secretion.
  • Short bible syndrome in adults
  • HIV/AIDS associated diseases like muscle wasting disease.
  • For the treatment of short stature which is a long term condition connected with Turner Syndrome.
  • The deficiencies that arise in adults due to uncommon pituitary tumours and the treatment procedure.

Why use IGF-1:

When a person is on steroids their body undergoes a process known as hypertrophy. This involves an increase in the size of the pre-existing cells of the muscles. Using IGF-1 on the other hand causes hyperplasia in the body. Hyperplasia supports the development and growth of new cells of the muscles rather than simply adding to the existing cells.

Hyperplasia is more favorable because it adds to the density and size of a cell at the genetic level. The weight gain experienced due to it is for reasons more than just water retention and facilitates muscle growth in the long term. In light of this, people who fall into the brackets mentioned above should purchase IGF-1 LR3 Peptide if they need it.

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