Sissy – An Exaggerated Representation of Femininity than In Wearing Feminine Attire

Sissies are a type of transgender that is distinct from other types of transvestites. A sissy is a transvestite who is more interested in becoming an exaggerated representation of femininity than in wearing feminine attire. Traditional hetero male sexual desire is viewed through the prism of femininity. Sissies don’t want to be ladies in the traditional sense; instead, they want to be the object of their fantasies. If they weren’t a sissy, this would be their perfect fantasy woman.

Dedication and devotion is needed to become sissy

  • Sissies are transvestites who cannot be satisfied by simply putting on a pair of underwear and jerking off. They must work hard to become the woman of their dreams. This means that the fetish will go beyond the bedroom and into their daily lives. A full wardrobe, makeup, wigs, and other accessories are required. Sissies will spend more time admiring women’s clothing than admiring the women who are wearing them. Sissies shave their legs, wear panties all the time, and have nail paint on their toes, among other things. Being a sissy needs dedication and devotion.


  • Sissies are bisexual, but not in the way they may think. People aren’t going to be impressed if a sissy marries a man. There aren’t many women that think guys are attractive. Remember that a sissy aspires to be the epitome of their ideal woman. As a result, their desire to please guys differs from that of homosexual males. Their fascination with men stems from a need to prove that they have reached their sissy objective of being feminine enough to catch the attention of straight men. They are not so much into the men themselves as sex objects that a sissy utilises to confirm their sassiness.

Tumblr isn’t the only location on the Internet where they can find sissy porn, but it was formerly the area where people and hundreds of others were terrified. They have only succeeded in establishing the precise societal milieu in which young trans women are compelled to turn to venues like Sissy Tumblr community for any possibility of self-expression by persistently pathologizing any manifestation of transgender sexuality. People assume that Tumblr’s pornography prohibition is a success for them. It’s just another example of how cis culture still isn’t ready for trans people to be themselves.

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