Finding The Most Authentic Rolex Watch: 4 Important Things To Watch

A Rolex watch is the most luxurious and classic watch in the world of watches. With its design of either three-hands or two-hands, it is available in different sizes and dial designs. The Rolex watch is a vintage and classic piece that even with passing so many years or time, is still trendy. Moreover, with every new generation, it is modifying and getting better and better. Including features that are unique and stand to the test of time.

No matter the fact that existing collections and modernized-trending watches of Rolex still have the same craze among fantasy of watches kingdom. So, to buy your dream or first-fond Rolex watch, you need to know some factors to identify or verify the authenticity of the Rolex Retailer (ตัวแทน จำหน่าย Rolex, which is the term in Thai). Here are some following important things to consider before buying a Rolex watch. Such are as follows:

1. Rolex Serial Number –

To check the Rolex watch authenticity, go for observing its serial number. Every Rolex watch has a unique identification number that is serial number to confirm its reliability and authenticity. The serial number consists of 4-8 characters.

2. Watch Weight –

A genuine Rolex watch is always made with the finest raw materials and high-quality features. So, the materials used in Rolex watch genuine models should be weighted heavier than usual standard model watches.

3. The Logo Of Rolex –

Rolex with the symbol or logo is recognizable everywhere in the world. So, at the top of the dial, you can always see the logo of Rolex with high-quality, luxurious, and standard craftsmanship.

4. Metal Case At The Back Of Rolex Watch –

All watches not especially the back of the Rolex watch with metal cases. The clear cases are mostly opted for other standard watch designs of back. But, due to the uniqueness and renowned features of Rolex watches, the back of the watch is made up of a metal case.

Hence, these are the 4 important things to consider while purchasing or verifying the authenticity of Rolex watches from Rolex Retailer.


Every Rolex watch is usually examined for knowing its authenticity through the watch serial number, watch weight, logo of the Rolex watch, and its metal case back. Also, Rolex watch professionals, panels, and experts examine the watch’s authenticity before launching it to the market or introducing it to the Rolex Retailer. So, to verify the authentic Rolex watches, go for verifying these 4 important things.

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