Into the World of Comic Books and NFT

Blockchain Data As Ownership Evidence

You may be aware of Marvel’s unlimited service, which allows subscribers to read all the company’s comics for just $10 a month. Thanks to current technology, comic book enthusiasts now have access to tens of thousands of Marvel comics. However, better things are on the way. With the help of blockchain technology, you can now actually “own” these digital comic books like BattleSpecies, enabling you to buy and sell them.

Physical Issues Versus Digital Fixes

Consider the responsibility that comes with owning a physical comic book: proving its legitimacy, dealing with grading organizations on a 6–12-month timeframe, insurance, and petty preservation advice. You would probably, be too terrified to remove this incredible book from your home for fear of damaging the potential million-dollar “paper.” Selling presents much greater challenges.

  1. A 24/7 global marketplace where transactions are instantaneous is available with comic book NFTs. They won’t deteriorate, saving you time and effort on preservation.
  2. You don’t need to keep all your comic books in lengthy boxes if you own thousands of them.
  3. There is a chance that owners will be able to switch between languages so they can read comics, making the market for comic collecting global.
  4. They have documentation proving their ownership and official license from the owners of the intellectual property.

Possible Marvel Utility

Physical comic book second-hand sales provide no revenue for Marvel. Marvel can now automatically earn 6{918396c0c6645b5a46e833ec0a80dedf66e5c80fa47c5a3895c9d4e145a27b0f} on each transaction of these comic NFTs thanks to blockchain and smart contract technology, which strongly encourages comic worlds to add value for those digital comic owners by offering exclusive fan experiences, for example, to encourage secondary transactions that will ultimately benefit both the holders and the creator itself.


The public supply for the majority of secret rare comic NFTs is 500 editions; for a small number of specific secret rare comic NFTs, the public supply is 225 editions. As most companies earns 6{918396c0c6645b5a46e833ec0a80dedf66e5c80fa47c5a3895c9d4e145a27b0f} on each secondary trade, there is a set supply for each unique NFT comic, therefore there is no motivation to reprint duplicate NFT comics to reduce market value.

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