How to Win the Heart of a Filipino Woman?

When it comes to Asian dating, one can never discount the appeal of Filipino women. They are a total package. As they say, there is nothing in this world like a Filipina girl. No wonder why many nationalities come over to the Philippines to search for true love. 

If you are to date Asians, specifically Filipina, there are things you need to think about carefully. AsianDate is way different from dating Westerners. What’s special about Filipino women is that they got a pleasant charm. They are open-minded and well aware of Western culture. Most of them speak English really well, so the communication barrier is not a problem at all.

If you are serious about winning the heart of a Filipino woman, you must observe the following things:

– Take note that she lives in a different time zone. So, you have to adjust to her convenient time. Show her that you are considerate and that you are willing to adjust to make her feel comfortable. It shows that you care for her so much. 

– Learn basic Tagalog lines such as “kamusta ka” or how are you, “mahal Kita” or I love You, and “Maganda ka”, which means you are pretty. Your efforts to learn the basic language only goes to show you are truly interested in her. 

– Remember that when it comes to dating a Filipina, honestly and integrity matter. You have to be truthful with your words because it would be a major turn-off if you are caught lying. After all, who wants to be with somebody who lies, right? 

– Be thoughtful. It does not necessarily mean you need to shower her with gifts. A simple gesture like a text message or a phone call letting her know you are thinking of her can brighten her day. 

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