Fitness Through Solitude: 5 Individual Sports for Your Health Journey

Woman doing shoulder press exercise with a weight bar inside a gym

Some people thrive in team settings, sharing highs and lows while building strong bonds with their teammates. For some, battling against yourself is more exciting than against a larger group.

An individual sport (กีฬา เล่น คน เดียว, which is the term in Thai) describes any athletic activity that does not involve competing against others.  You can enjoy any of the following activities on your own for enjoyment or as part of your training regimen; you can do them all by yourself or with a friend or training partner (dogs are welcome), though it’s more fun to perform them with someone.

Top 5 Individual Sports

1. Running

Many people like running as a solo sport since it’s easy to pick up and play, has many health benefits and can be competitive. Regardless of age or fitness, anyone may enjoy running because it is so easy. All you need for a good run is some open ground and running shoes. Runners have many options regarding the type of running, from sprinting and long-distance running to trail running, so they can tailor their workout to their preferences and goals.

2. Kayaking

While some view kayaking as exhilarating, others find it a tranquil pastime. Similarly, kayaking is a sport everybody can participate in and have fun with. Going white-water rafting down rapids while relying on your paddle and brainpower to stay on target is the ultimate thrill for thrill seekers.

3. Gaelic Handball

Traditional Irish sport is known as Gaelic handball. There are two possible game formats: singles (one player vs. another) and doubles (two players vs. another). Making the ball bounce twice off the front wall before the other player can reach it is the objective of every handball match. One can use Indoor, outdoor, or any other space with a wall for the game. Although you can play solo, forming a team and competing against other players is possible.

4. Squash

The pace is lightning-fast, as is typical of indoor sports. It’s similar to tennis, but players use a wall instead of striking the ball over a net, and the balls and rackets are more petite. This activity is perfect for honing your hand-eye coordination and demands lightning speed and agility.

5. Cycling

Cycling is a top-tier individual sport. Cyclists get a great workout while enjoying the scenic ride on roads and in the mountains. A bike and a helmet are all that’s needed to begin. Just hop on your bike and pedal around your neighbourhood, a park, or any predetermined routes to complete levels. Start with shorter rides for beginners and work up to longer ones when you feel more confident. In addition to helping you keep in shape, it’s a great way to take in the outdoors.

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