What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Mats?

Matting protects floors from scratches and stains, as well as reduces wear and tear in high-traffic areas. This extends the life of your flooring while lowering the amount of time spent cleaning them. Mats are also a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to utilizing harsh chemicals to clean your office floors.

Slips and trips are a remarkable source of workplace injuries, and they may cause a lot of pain and money for you and your staff. Mats not only increase traction on slick surfaces, but also limit the amount of debris, mud, and moisture tracked inside the structure, all of which can cause slips. Having entry mats at each door is one technique to keep dirt and dust out of your building. These are also known as walk-off mats and are your office’s first line of defense in terms of keeping it clean.

Many businesses realize that partnering with a company like ultimate mats is a commitment they want to make once we educate them on how commercial carpets and mats can save time and money.

The advantages of utilizing commercial mats may not be immediately apparent. As previously stated, we enjoy educating people about the benefits of employing commercial mats in their businesses, so we’ve included some of the more important ones below.

A Higher Standard of Clean

The majority of individuals are aware that mats can assist in keeping things cleaner. However, most people are unaware of how much cleaner commercial mats maybe! Did you know that if you use industrial quality mats that are properly sized for your space, you may confine up to 85 percent of the soil delivered into a building inside the first 10 to 12 feet of the entrance? Front mats purchased from a retail store are not the same as those provided by ultimate mats.

Not only will our mats trap dirt and water better than those available in stores, but when you rent mats for business, your mats will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained, ensuring that they always look clean and fresh.

Accident Avoidance

When it comes to slips and falls, commercial carpets and mats might be regarded as a preventative precaution. Ultimate mats rental mats have a flexible rubber base that allows them to adhere to the floor and not slide about. To reduce tripping risks, an ultimate mat also fixes and replaces uneven or broken matting.

Anti-fatigue commercial and waterhog mats will reduce employee fatigue and strain, resulting in fewer accidents and blunders.

Mats with several functions

Your commercial mats will keep your business clean and safe, but did you know that they may also help you market your business? Ultimate mats can provide mats with your company’s logo or a specific message for your staff or consumers. For today’s businesses, brand recognition is critical, and ultimate mats can provide commercial mats to help you get your brand in front of more people.


Commercial grade rugs and mats will help protect your flooring from damage, lowering the cost of any repairs or upgrades you may need to do.

It’s also worth contrasting the time it takes to clean a floor mat with the time it takes to sweep and/or mop a full business floor. Workers will be more productive overall if they spend less time dealing with unclean flooring. Working with a commercial mat rental company like ultimate mats allows your personnel to focus on more vital responsibilities while we take care of what we do best: supplying high-quality, clean commercial mats.

Ultimate mats are dedicated to making businesses run more smoothly. Contact ultimate mats to schedule a mat rental consultation if you’re ready to take advantage of these advantages.

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