Web hosting service – What separates the good from the bad?

Searching for the best web hosting service can be a daunting task considering the growing number of web hosting providers today. A quick search online will make choosing all the more difficult as there are tons of suggestions online. To help you with your choice, we discuss below what separates a good web hosting service from the bad. These are the following:

– A good web hosting company has a stellar uptime record. Uptimes pertain to the percentage of time the website is up and available to web visitors. The best web hosting company has an uptime of 99.9{23a2c715a8cd3bd0a8d696e096148f80a6963da97c261fa90b8f1ceef4034c0d}, such as THCServers.com. It also offers an uptime guarantee, and if by any chance it fails to fulfill its promise, it will compensate for lost business.

– A good web hosting company loads up your website in just a few seconds. Clients don’t want a slow-loading website. They don’t have the patience to wait for your site to load up, and chances are, they will transfer to your market competitor. When this happens, you will most likely end up losing customers and losing a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, you should select a company that uses servers with solid state drivers (SSD), as such as faster than the usual hard drives.

– A good web hosting provider employs robust security measures, especially in today’s time and age when cybersecurity is a major concern. Top-notch web hosting company uses high-grade standard security measures such as automated malware scans and firewall management systems. These security measures protect your website from all possible security threats, which is a big help for websites dealing with sensitive information such as personal and financial information. Look for such security measures as they will keep your site protected and eventually gain your clients’ confidence.

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