The Eyelid Surgery Will Offer You Stunning Eyes Through Various Techniques

The Eyelid Surgery Will Offer You Stunning Eyes Through Various Techniques

Eyelid surgery (ทำ ตา, which is the term in Thai) has become common these days. It is done especially by those who have droopy eyes or excessively small eyes. This type of surgery is prevalent not only among teenagers but also among old people. The surgery is not about punishing yourself; it’s a very small task that hardly takes a few hours. Only the patient needs to maintain a few things after surgery for speedy recovery.

How Can It Be Done?

Everyone wants to make their eyes look beautiful if they have saggy or droopy eyes. This surgery will cut the skin of your eyelid and fold it so that it creates a double eyelid.This will help turn your eyes into promising ones. At first, the eyes will be a bit swollen, and slight pain will persist, but proper care and medication will help ease it out.

Few people have extra eyelid skin, which results in uneven eyes. Some kind of accident or surgery can cause this. Doctors can help you shed all the excess skin and make your eyes beautiful. There are various techniques that will help complete the process quickly.

How Long Will It Get Healed?

It’s a surgery, not a minor cut, so it takes nearly 2-3 months to heal up. In between, the patients need to follow a few guidelines about what to eat and how to treat their skin. After surgery, many complications can arise from consuming a few foods, resulting in allergic reactions. This may slow down the healing process. The recovery depends completely on the patients’ lifestyles and how they treat themselves.

Things To Remember

1. After the Eyelid surgery, it’s best to keep yourself away from the screen for a longer period.

2. When the stitch is about to dry, itchy eyes can cause discomfort, so try not to rub it vigorously, as it can tear the stitch and make it worse.

3. In the first few weeks, restrict yourself from wearing contact lenses, as you will feel uncomfortable, which results in soreness or stiffness on your eyelids.

There are also restrictions on food for at least one month, as we can’t eat seafood or shrimp. Undercooked food can make the situation worse. Fermented and pickled food will cause infection and result in swollen eyelids. Lastly, for better results, alcohol consumption must be banned for at least a few weeks.


After a few weeks, if all the guidelines are followed strictly, the patients will not feel itchy sensations or pain. The doctor will prescribe a few medications, which need to be swallowed on time for better results. The surgery will cost an exorbitant amount, so it’s better to treat it nicely to get the best result you are looking for.

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